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    • Medical Surgical Stainless Steel Ring
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      Medical Surgical Stainless Steel Ring

      10966 This Medical Surgical Stainless Steel Ring is a fashion white color chains ring. It is made of very popular medical steel material with a skull model on the surface. It has a soft body. The shape can be changed to match your finger. Our Medical steel rings are...Read More
    • 316L 316 Stainless Steel Ring
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      316L 316 Stainless Steel Ring

      10986 This 316l 316 Stainless steel ring is a Christ's gift for the followers of Jesus. A cross logo is in the middle of the ring surface. Around it is Bible language. The smooth inside surface is comfortable for your skin. Both men and women can wear the ring. You can...Read More
    • Natural Crystal Archaize Gem Ring for Charm
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      Natural Crystal Archaize Gem Ring for Charm

      110169 This is a Natural Crystal Archaize Gem Ring for Charm. It has a perfect camber to match men's finger. There is natural light blue color in the middle. Around it, there are many small crystals. We have different size for men, US size 8,9 10 and 11. Welcome to...Read More
    • Austrian Crystal Stone Finger Ring
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      Austrian Crystal Stone Finger Ring

      95237 This is a fashionable style heart shape blue Austrian Crystal Stone Finger Ring with perfect heart shape cutting, heart of ocean jewellery collection. Charming sea blue color dignified and atmosphere, charm lady's favorite ring jewelry!Read More
    • CZ Diamond Engagement Ring
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      CZ Diamond Engagement Ring

      97559 This is a wedding style CZ Diamond Engagement Ring. The real diamond cutting makes this ring dazzling enough. The main stone is a round cutting CZ diamond, with top design for queen and small stones around two sides. It is very shiny. You're worth it! Rose gold...Read More
    • Natural Zircon Stone Ring
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      Natural Zircon Stone Ring

      93264 This is one of our luxury Natural Zircon Stone Rings. Top level cutting of the stone lets the zircon ring send out a dazzling light. We don't produce stone, we are the porters of the nature. we use different colors natural zircons to make you beautiful.Read More
    • Vetetian Imitation Pearl Ring
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      Vetetian Imitation Pearl Ring

      93137 This Vetetian Pearl Ring is one of the most popular style Imitation pearl rings, because of the different pearl color! The imitation pearl is made from mother shell powder. All kinds of colors are available. We can give you any color you need. ladies all like brighter...Read More
    • Seawater Pearl Finger Ring
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      Seawater Pearl Finger Ring

      96902 This Seawater Pearl Finger Ring has many different sizes for choice. This pearl ring is made from a types of pearls with a diameter of 8mm and 10mm. It adopts an opening style. The diameter can adjust a bit, so that the pearl won't fall off. This is a beautiful...Read More
    • Freshwater Pearl Ring Designs
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      Freshwater Pearl Ring Designs

      96954 This Freshwater Pearl is not too big and not too small. When it been set on the ring, the ring became classic. This is an openings ring. One end is freshwater pearl and the other end is square rhinestone. Both of them interspersed you finger, and make your charm and...Read More
    • Thailand Silver Ring
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      Thailand Silver Ring

      7004603 When flower meets Thai silver and the two elements stay together to become a ring, it told you what is fashion. Silvery with a bit black, this is the unique color of Thai silver, we you put on this Thai silver ring, you will believe flower can be black color, choose...Read More
    • 999 Sterling Silver Ring
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      999 Sterling Silver Ring

      620124 This is a classic, simple domed aircraft-grade 999 silver ring. It is a great ring to offer on occasions like Valentine's day, or anniversaries to express your true feeling. It has an eye-catching effect that appeals to both men and women with an active lifestyle,...Read More
    • 925 Sterling Silver Ring
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      925 Sterling Silver Ring

      720212 This is a 92.5% sterling silver ring with a 6 prongs setting stone. The insert diamond or gemstone that you choose can be very sentimental and a very appreciated gesture. The contour is a very comfortable wedding band that appeals to women, our ring models are not only...Read More
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