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Wear Jade Jewelry Bracelet Stress

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Wear jade jewelry Bracelet stress
      Jade Bracelet is very suitable for wearing long-sleeved clothes slender arm of women wear, make it look elegant, pure temperament. But many women do not know Daiyu Bracelet pay attention to what content, because do not understand Daiyu Bracelet pay attention, resulting in a lot of jokes or uncoordinated. Jade Bracelet's gentle color represents the kindness of faith, tough texture symbolizes wisdom, not hurt the edges and corners that are fair and just attitude. And in all the jade ornaments, jade Bracelet is the most popular people. Because it symbolizes gentle, harmonious, beautiful, so that people can not escape its charm, surrounded the women's happiness and love, but also surrounded the men's gentle care of life. Dai Yu Bracelet is also quite stress, not how to wear on how to wear, in violation of the rules of the rules will make people laughing generous, the following for you to introduce some Daiyu Bracelet stress.
      First, jade Bracelet with temperament with. Wearing jade Bracelets in the body is also an important jewelry, it shows a person's temperament type. Each person belongs to the temperament types are not the same, so when wearing a jade Bracelet with their own temperament with the style, so as to highlight the beautiful jade Bracelet while showing their temperament. If you are a pure personality, carefree woman, full of innocent personality, face life you always be your he said you childish, like a fairy tale princess, then you choose the jade Bracelet color should be simple Bright, simple, such as light green jade or ice floating green flowers and so on.
      If you are a delicate and beautiful woman, gentle treat people is your nature, and rigidly adhere to the traditional concept of constraints, then you are suitable for wearing a mild color, sleek jade Bracelet, and the color can not be too rich, so as to show you gentle The elegant temperament. And if you are bold heroine heroine, not subject to a variety of etiquette of the shackles, with the women do not let the pride of the eyebrows, then you choose the jade Bracelet can be slender or even wear a male style to highlight your rugged personality The If you are the cause of the workplace women, character resolute decisive, clean and tidy things never hesitate, then you choose the jade Bracelet design style should be filled with a strong sense of rhythm, gives a straight or abstract feeling, so as to show you doing things Do not panic of courage.
Second, jade Bracelet with age with. The essence of wearing a jade Bracelet is to decorate the beauty of its own, it does not have any immediate concern with age. If you have an old face, always keep the young Jiao Rong, then you can and young girls or young women like to wear ice and ice like ice or jade Jade, jade Bracelet slender slim, such as the concubine Bracelet. But the elderly will generally wear the color of the deep jade Bracelet, and after their years after the flow of gold calmly consistent with each other, such as oil green jade, black jade, etc., as long as you can with the overall harmony like.
      Third, jade Bracelet with the identity with. Everyone wearing jewelry to a certain extent, reflects their current status, with noble and gorgeous jewelry to highlight their noble status, we are understandable, but this is not a constant traditional rules. After all, jade Bracelet jewelry is with their own temperament and other set off each other, with their own preferences to highlight their own charm. And everyone is unique to their own natural beauty, has nothing to do with the identity. So whether to wear jade Bracelet with the identity of the match depends entirely on personal preferences.
Wear the meaning of jade Bracelet
       Jade Bracelet is a kind of ring ornaments that people wear on the wrist, showing the beauty of wrist and arm. Warm jade, beautiful colors, so that each jade Bracelet are marked with refined and beautiful Tsui atmosphere. However, the beauty of jade Bracelet is not only reflected in the external appearance, it is a beautiful implication is embodied in the deep cultural heritage.
       1, smooth and round the jade Bracelet symbolizes the road of life wishful smooth, safe and happy.
       2, a pair of perfect ring jade Bracelet like a pair of lovers live a perfect life, eternal and happy.
       3, jade Bracelet thick style and rich colors are all show the noble situation, wealth and auspicious.
       4, jade Bracelet in the critical moment can always "rather as jade broken" of the decision to protect the owner, every good luck.
       5, "beautiful people jade, beautiful jade Tiancheng", jade Bracelet is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the traditional Chinese women's beauty, harmony and elegance.

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