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The Identification Of Sterling Silver Necklace

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The Identification of Sterling Silver Necklace

Silver is the gold after the precious metals, but relatively gold and cheaper, fineness identification is relatively simple, the main methods are:

Color: high-quality silver white and bright and delicate, low-quality silver was slightly yellow or gray and not clean. In general, the silver-copper alloy Necklace color partial yellowish white, the lower the fineness the color the more yellow; silver-white copper alloy color gray, fineness of the gray or even gray and black, such as 800 silver was gray, 700 silver gray, 500 silver was dark gray The

Toughness: silver toughness is good, fineness is easy to bend easily broken. Low fineness is not easy to bend but easy to break.

Hardness: fuller silver hardness is lower than gold, with nails can be scored, if the Necklace soft and not tough, it may be tin or lead, if hard and not tough may be white copper.

See stamps: regular manufacturers of silver Necklaces are generally stamped, the international practice to thousands of points plus "S" or "Silver" or "silver" words that silver Necklace and its fineness. Such as "800S" or "800 silver" are expressed as 80% of the silver Necklace. While the silver Necklace with "SF (ie SilverPill)" said. Correct identification of stamps can identify whether the Necklace silver and silver fineness level.

Listen to the rhyme: sterling silver Necklace resounding sound, no stretch, the sound of "porphyrin pyridium da da". The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the sound the higher the higher the rhyme; if the copper, the sound higher and sharp, rhyme sound short and short; Tin texture, then throw the sound boring. Short, no stretch.

Weight: silver density is slightly larger than the general common metal, generally speaking: "aluminum light. Silver heavy. Copper is not light nor heavy." Thus weigh the weight of its silver can make a preliminary judgment. If the Necklace larger and lighter weight, you can initially determine the Necklace belongs to other metals.

Sterling Silver Necklace The best "test" metal. Allegedly, the body every day there will be "toxins" discharge, and silver this kind of metal, just can absorb these "toxins." Because of the anti-oxidation of silver, gloss lasting will vary from person to body, that is, good people wearing a sterling silver Necklace, will wear more light; and the weaker people wearing sterling silver Necklace, if the body more toxins, slowly will lead to black silver. So often wear sterling silver Necklace, both to help the body's effective discharge of toxins, but also can play a timely test whether the body has too much toxins. This is also one of the reasons why some people deliberately looking for sterling silver Necklaces to wear in the body.

Because of the purity of 99 silver, Necklace with a strong bactericidal function, so the silver also has a "permanent fungicide" reputation. It is said that Inner Mongolia grassland herdsmen, the use of silver bowl to hold the horse milk, after a few days will not change acid. The same, with a bowl of water to the water, you can ensure that water does not degenerate. It is also alleged that scientists have done experiments, the sewage (including E. coli per milliliter more than 7,000), after 3 hours of silver electrode treatment, Necklace E. coli died. Such as skin ulcer disease can also be used silver ulcer ulceration solution, can make most of the bacteria died. Also, it is said that there are many international airlines in the use of silver water filter. Some swimming also use silver to purify the pool of water, after silver purified water, will not stimulate the swimmer's skin.

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