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How To Maintain Jade Bracelet

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

How to maintain Jade Bracelet
Jade Bracelet is one of the most popular ladies jewelry, jade Bracelet how maintenance is not difficult, because jade is not difficult to save things. As the saying goes, "people raise jade, jade support people" people can wear jade more translucent, jade contains some trace elements on the human body is also useful. So how to maintain jade Bracelet to make it shiny the same? Here we look at the most professional approach should be how to do.
1, wear
(1) often wear in the hands than in the decorative box is more conducive to jade Bracelet maintenance.
When wearing jade Bracelets, to avoid it from the height of the fall or hit hard objects, especially a small amount of cracks in the jade Bracelet, so as not to easily rupture or damage, wear or take off, should be in the sofa, carpet and other safe place.
(2) jade Bracelet in the carved after the wax on the surface to enhance the degree of bright. The So the maintenance of jade Bracelets can not be with acid, alkali, organic solvent contact, and because they are a collection of minerals, should also avoid long-term contact with acid and alkali. These chemical reagents will be on the maintenance of jade Bracelet surface corrosion.
(3) Jade in addition to avoid sweat, the smoke is also very taboo. Therefore, should not be equipped with kitchen cooking, not suitable for high temperature and fireworks, but can not let the sun exposure, to avoid long-term, jade Bracelet luster.
(4) exercise, do not wear jewelry, to avoid impact, friction damage. When carrying out water sports, be careful of the water in the ammonia and other chemicals and pollutants strong substances on the jade Bracelet dissolution.
2, custody
(1) Jade jade storage should be natural and fiber (cotton, silk) as a lining, and placed alone is to avoid collision, storage of the Yellow River, the temperature, the humidity is best to maintain stability.
(2) to join the time sufficient, you can often use a soft cloth to wipe the jade Bracelet, so you can keep your jade Bracelet long beautiful.
3, cleaning
Jade Bracelet maintenance is very important, it is a symbol of holiness. If you do not pay attention to surface cleaning for a long time, severe grease stains will crack along the cracks into the internal, very unsightly. Therefore, when wearing jade Bracelets, always keep clean, it is best to wash once a week.
Jade Bracelet maintenance case
(1) wrestling when the jade Bracelet is easy to hit the wall or floor, resulting in jade Bracelet fracture.
(2) worn or broken when worn or removed.
(3) to eat or work with the glass desktop friction scratches.
(4) grab the staircase handrail when scratched jade Bracelet.
(5) engaged in agricultural labor when the sand and jade Bracelet friction flowers.
(6) jade Bracelet and other precious stones, diamond jewelry direct contact is scratched.
Maintenance of jade Bracelet - jade Bracelet repair
Although very attention to maintenance and wear, but jade Bracelet more or less will be damaged. If the damage is not serious, the appropriate repair can be restored to the original appearance, if it is broken or broken, you need to mosaic reinforcement.
If only the surface of jade Bracelet or a small bounce, you can find jade Bracelet master chewing back to the original appearance. If the lack of the formation of the added pits, you can use precious metals to fill the mosaic, to ensure the overall beauty of jade Bracelets. If the jade Bracelet appears a small crack, but not the threat of the stability of the jade Bracelet, it is recommended that you do not carry out any repair, so as not to repair the small cracks lead to deterioration.
If the crack is large, the stability of the jade Bracelet poses a threat, but not broken, do not only surface beautification of the mosaic repair, but should be taken to strengthen the mosaic repair. If it is broken, but the shape of jade Bracelets integrity, but also should be reinforced inlaid repair. If the jade Bracelet has been broken into two or more broken above, according to the quality of jade Bracelet material to decide whether to repair.

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