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How Can The Brass Bracelet Become Bright As New?

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

How can the brass Bracelet become bright as new?

More and more people choose to wear brass Bracelet, and for the brass Bracelet cleaning we must be more headache do not know how to make it change the bright as new, let Xiaobian let us tell you about the brass Bracelet Change the bright as new! It is necessary to pick up the surface of the old metal ornaments. But only pickling is not enough, because the pickling will only wash the surface smooth, but left a very lively metal surface, will inevitably lead to the second rapid oxidation of jewelry color change. In the often contact with the skin, can not use paint to protect the copper or brass jewelry protection, the use of metal passivation process is the only effective and feasible. Passivation, can produce a layer of passivation film, with this layer of passivation film, the rate of oxidation of metal than passivation is not pass, delay one thousand to one million times. Therefore, the passivation film can effectively prevent the matrix oxidation to maintain the original gloss tone.

Copper was one of the earliest discovered metals, and thousands of years ago, man began to use copper. The same time as the above-

Because the use of early, and compared with the precious gold and silver, copper cheaper, so cheap copper Bracelet is also an early in the middle of the ordinary people in the middle of a wide range of Bracelet wear, wear a very wide range. In some places, has been popular to wear copper Bracelets, from generation to generation into the traditional classics, and even, some areas, now wear copper Bracelet is still traditional. Some nationalities, will still wear copper Bracelets as one of their national traditions. The same time as the above-

Modern people people wear a large number of brass Bracelets, in fact, is an alloy Bracelet, this brass is composed of copper and zinc alloy. If only copper, zinc composition of brass is called ordinary brass. If it is composed of two or more elements of a variety of alloys known as special brass, such as lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, silicon composed of copper alloy. Brass has a strong wear resistance. The disadvantage is that after making a Bracelet easy to oxidize discoloration after wearing, and many people will be allergic to it. The same size, gold Bracelet more heavy, and gold Bracelet color partial yellow, but the copper Bracelet color is reddish. If the copper Bracelet oxidation, it is best to send a special Bracelet shop for cleaning, a simple approach is to use a rag dipped in toothpaste gently Sassafras to the light so far, if the use of polishing paste instead of toothpaste effect is better, and finally processed The copper Bracelet coated with a layer of nail polish, so that it is isolated from the air to prevent re-oxidation discoloration.

Brass Bracelet hand-carved, the surface treatment for the anion vacuum plating 18K gold, + sprayed Korean titanium Nine Long nanometer metal protective film, the product inside and outside the same color and gold, the surface covered with 18k gold, Brass Bracelet presents an unexpected value to the customer. Brass Bracelet processing exquisite, giving people the feeling of enjoyment, welcome to come to buy and explore.

Brass and gold to identify methods:

1, with nitric acid, will reflect the brass, does not respond is gold. But zinc and copper into the alloy, the nature will change, not easy to replace the acid in the hydrogen.

2, gold in the air after burning no change, brass black.

3, take teeth bite, soft is gold, hard is brass

4, not afraid of the damage should be based on the color of the horizontal to judge, the gold plan, the horizontal is golden yellow, with brass draw, the cross is red.

5, gold and brass color is not the same, the brass color is more red color.

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