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Future Jewelry Set Industry Development Prospects

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

Future Jewelry Set Industry Development Prospects
 Jewelry Set is the use of silver processing into a variety of Jewelry Set, in recent years, the traditional silverware, by many consumers, especially female consumers love, some of our ethnic minorities, such as Miao's silversmith industry is very developed. But compared with foreign brands, China's Jewelry Set brand awareness is not high enough Compared with gold, platinum, jewelry and other jewelry, the cost of silver is relatively low, low prices, is the public can be consumed from the Jewelry Set, especially the young consumer groups, Jewelry Set not only meet their fashion needs, but also closer Their purchasing power.
Silver is relatively safe compared to other Jewelry Set, because the alloy will cause some damage to the human body, especially as earrings necklace this direct and skin contact Jewelry Set. Rustic is the characteristics of Jewelry Set, neither luxury nor tacky, suitable for people to wear. In the consumption area of silverware, big cities are faster than small cities, the south is faster than the north, and the cities are faster than rural consumption. Crystal Parkway that, Jewelry Set as a jewelry consumer goods, subjective factors by the relatively large, which makes jewelry sales and the economy is often inconsistent. In recent years, silver jewelry because of the growing sales of more and more attention, after all, Jewelry Set to be subject to competition from various fields, such as gold, crystal Jewelry Set and rising new high-tech products.
Chancellor's "2010 China Jewelry Set Market Outlook Analysis and Investment Feasibility Analysis Report" shows that China's Jewelry Set consumption from the beginning of low-end consumption to high-end high-grade Jewelry Set over, consumers taste more fashionable, So the style of silver is also more and more international, some unique characteristics of the Jewelry Set, in an attempt to low price advantage to determine the market's low-end Jewelry Set more and more uncompetitive, which on the domestic silver industry challenges, making Enterprises have to pay more and more attention to the development of high-end products, increased the degree of attention to product differentiation, the future development prospects of the Jewelry Set industry can be expected.
 This golden three can be worn alone, then whether it is a whole set of wear, or a separate decoration should have a matching aesthetic criteria. Speaking from the structure of the man, the head and the hand are the most important part of the appearance, the face extends downwardly from the point of view of the inverted triangle area, the neck, the face of the backward expansion of the place, the ears, Horizontal axis at both ends, these are the face of the deputy center, the whole person's mental style has a very important role in the embellishment.
A necklace (pendant), earrings should be 18k gold; rings with platinum inlaid diamonds, then the necklace (pendant inlaid diamonds), earrings must also be platinum material; with precious stones and precious stones (here refers to the diamond) inlaid with a set of Jewelry, avoid the confusion between the stones, such as ring Diamond mosaic, and pendant with red, sapphire, jade and other precious stones, this will inevitably lead to visual illusion, destroyed the Jewelry Set of the overall harmony and charm.
The above discussion is actually the jewelry design problem, which has always been regarded as an important factor in jewelry. Nature of the birth of the rare treasure after a lot of processes to form for the people to wear the Jewelry Set, a beautifully designed Jewelry Set impregnated with the designer of the material, precious stones, clothing, the human body and other elements of the integrated thinking And refined, good design fully demonstrated the jewelry Set of natural beauty, but also enhance the high value-added products, cultural connotation and humanistic spirit. Design from a large point of view, there are classical elegance, simple and simple, novel fashion, although they are different styles, but in the design style is a successful art.
Jewelry Set in the production of special treatment, so that we buy three-piece Jewelry Set also have to do the same style of production, such as gold jewelry Set of the plating polishing, sandblasting, car flower crafts, etc .; in product modeling to maintain Consistent with each other, geometric and geometric, streamlined and streamlined, symmetrical, the size of the ratio must be appropriate. For example, a 5-7 grams of necklace, the length of the pendant should not exceed 3 cm; 1 carat diamond ring, pendants with a drill should not be less than 0.30 karats, earrings with a drill should not be less than 0.25 kt / grain, the ring is sandblasting technology The purchase of diamond jewelry is not only the price and variety, more importantly, to meet your personality and taste, in line with the objective aesthetic standards.

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