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Female Earring Style And Face With Skills

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Female Earring style and face with skills
What kind of Earring are for you? What kind of Earring should be chosen for different faces? Here for you to detail the female Earring style and face with skills.
Round face: suitable for longer and sagging square or triangular Earring.
Square face: may wish to use the make-up softening into a little round some of the face, matched with a fall-type medium-sized Earring, will make the face showing the beauty of the curve.
Long face type: can wear round Earring or large Earring to adjust the face image, so that the face full of moving.
Face larger: you can wear a little bit of Earring, close to the ears, but also can wear triangular Earring, to reduce the wide sense of face
Face smaller: appropriate medium-sized Earring, the length of not more than two centimeters.
With the skills: in general, for the summer wearing Earring can choose light texture of the Earring, the size can be, can give a cool, easy-going sense. Winter Earring, the best to prime silver as well, both stable and generous. Encounter special festivals, put on the theme of the Earring commensurate with it. Such as Christmas wear shiny snowman or Christmas bear theme Earring, to ensure that 200% of the rate of return Oh.
Ceramic flower Earring This ceramic flower Earring, from the romantic design of the French inspiration to pure hand and delicate way to create this Smart ceramic flowers, decorated with pure pearl and snow drill below.
Moonlight Tulip Earring Moonlight Tulip Earring, Purple Splendid Beauty, Enamel Colors lasting full of bright, pure hand drill inlaid, in the ears bloom, only for the extraordinary you.
Pearl diamond Earring from the Atlantic deep sea natural pearl Earring, with fresh diamond flowers, pure ocean wind, soothing your pressure, noble and luxurious pearls, highlights your pure tenderness.
Retro tassel diamond Earring retro tassels diamond Earring, romantic tassels, the moon goddess Fan children, the ultimate elegance! Europe and the United States palace luxury elegance embellishment, so you are very charming.
Fresh flowers Earring are very fresh a flower Earring, creamy white rose flowers, white and transparent, with emerald and rhinestones carefully decorated, unique charm.
The above is a small series of women to bring Earring style and face with skills, like to pick a Earring it!
Earring as an ornament of the ear, wear up will set off our temperament, the value has been improved! Look at these very nice!
This velvet rose long Earring, thickened 18K gold gold is very upscale, elegant velvet rose shape, highlighting the sexy charm of a woman, long section can be modified slender face, feel comfortable and shiny, accompanied by a beautiful girl The temperament. Velvet feel the bow Earring are very texture, pearl design more gentle ~ asymmetrical design of the other side of the choice of hollow love, it is special, velvet looks very texture of the color, in short, take a good Earring Oh! Super-beautiful and significant temperament of a Earring ~ great metal hollow love hanging velvet tassels and metal chain, and then a small pearl as the bottom of the decoration, really particularly good, gray is also a good ride. Is this sweet wind thick Earring to the United States, pink flowers are very beautiful, both sides can wear different lengths, followed by a fixed pearl is also a ride, nice not to do! Ladies temperament suddenly came out. This is a very elegant velvet love pearl Earring, a small white pearl hanging velvet love, small playful with a feminine, worn up to make you raise the value of beauty in the end, the meat toot the round neck sister to wear this Will be very modified face.

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