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Brooch Custom Process Can Choose A Lot Of Material

Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Brooch custom process can choose a lot of material
1, corrosion + paint: bite version of the product according to the delicate lines, the overall color is beautiful, plus the chest made of the surface to pay a layer of protective resin (Polly) after the full sense of light.
2, tinplate Brooch: tinplate is coated with a tin layer of tin, it is not easy to rust, also known as tinned iron; surface pattern is printed.
3, soft enamel (imitation enamel) Brooch: This type of Brooch custom craftsmanship, beautiful color, craftsmanship, smooth surface; surface is flat, the surface of the lines can be gold-plated, silver and other metal colors, metal lines Filled with a variety of colors; give a very high-end luxury feeling. Is the first choice for Brooch production process.
4, casting: This type of Brooch relative to other Brooches, the surface is three-dimensional, these Brooches are often and soft enamel or baking process mixed use.
5, stamping + plating: This type of Brooch surface is the most prominent feature of metal color, and sometimes enamel or baking lacquer process mixed use, the general use of soft copper (iron will be cheaper, but no copper lines Beautiful) by a hydraulic press stamping, and by hand polished polished, Brooch custom lines clear, beautiful and generous.
6, stamping + lithography + Dijiao: This type of Brooch from the side to see the substrate is very thin, slightly thick plastic layer; general graphics is relatively simple, no color can be used to screen printing, screen printing more convenient operation if Graphic simple can be used, the price is cheaper than offset, but if the graphics have a gradient of color can only use offset printing, the general printing and drying will be on the surface of the pattern plus a layer of transparent resin (Polly) to protect the pattern.
7, stamping + paint + Dijiao: This type of Brooch from the side to see the substrate is relatively thick, the surface has a transparent Dijiao, bright colors, lines clear and crisp, strong texture; stamping Brooch surface can use a variety of plating treatment.
How to maintain their own good Brooch:
1. Be careful not to let the metal Brooch touch the chemicals, avoid contact with hot springs, sea water, pool water and shower gel. High-grade metal Brooch custom company that as far as possible without contact with water, such as accidentally in case of water should be dry with a soft cloth.
2. in the sweat, wash your face, bath, swimming time to remove the body with a solid metal chest, keep the Brooch clean
3. Do not wear into the jewelry box or jewelry bags to prevent the oxidation of metal chests old;
4. As far as possible each piece of Brooch separately stored, so as not to touch each other to scratch the surface, damage to gloss;
5. In order to avoid the Brooch touch the fragrance of substances, high-grade metal Brooch custom company specializing in the proposed dressing and then start wearing a Brooch
6. In the laundry, dishwashing and cooking work, please remove the rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and other Brooches to avoid the impact of chemicals or grease on the erosion of the impact of the Brooch

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