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Alloy Earring

    • 316 Stainless Steel Earring
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      316 Stainless Steel Earring

      8156 This 316 Stainless Steel Earring is one of our stainless steel heart shape ear stud. On the surface is a word: Please return to New York 750. Have you traveled to New York before? Maybe this is a good gift for you to go to New York again.Read More
    • 18k Gold Plated Earring
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      18k Gold Plated Earring

      87425 This 18k Gold Plated Earring is a pentagon design hoop earring. It is made of eco-friendly zinc alloy. The surface is 18k gold 3 times plated. The plated coat can let the earring hold color for a long time, with no fading and no allergy. You can wear it safely.Read More
    • Copper Alloy Ear Cuff Earring
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      Copper Alloy Ear Cuff Earring

      125662 This Copper Alloy Ear Cuff Earring is one of our copper earrings. Copper alloy have good plasticity. You have no need to worry that it will be broken easily. Usually we use copper to set different stones. This ear hook is made from copper alloy, full of white zircon....Read More
    • Zinc Alloy Earring Loop
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      Zinc Alloy Earring Loop

      125098 This Zinc Alloy Earring Loop is a long stick earring. The main metal is zinc alloy. The surface is gold plated. You can see there is a ball on the stud. You can wear the stud alone. There are two kinds of back lock. The big one is long stick lock. The small one is...Read More
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