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Brooch Pins

    • Austrian Crystal Brooch Pins
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      Austrian Crystal Brooch Pins

      53530 This Austrian Crystal Brooch Pin is a beautiful butterfly crystal brooch. The back of the butterfly is full of white color crystals with many different shape. In the middle is a small body. You can see its beard. So many crystals make the brooch very shiny, let you...Read More
    • Pearl Brooch Jewelry Breastpin
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      Pearl Brooch Jewelry Breastpin

      12169 Pearl Brooch Jewelry Breastpin is a very beautiful wintersweet pearl brooch. The petals are made from seashell and the stamens are made from pearls. Some small flowers are made from zircon. There is a long pin on the back side. You can use it to wear the brooch.Read More
    • Rhinestone Brooch Pins
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      Rhinestone Brooch Pins

      52704 This Rhinestone Brooch Pin is a popular bauhinia flower rhinestone brooch pin. In the front of the brooch there are many colorful rhinestones. On the back is a needle. You can nail on your coat. This brooch have different colors, green, purple and multicolor. The...Read More
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