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    • Leather Rope Bracelet
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      Leather Rope Bracelet

      00777 This Leather Rope Bracelet is one of our popular leather bracelets. It is made with several leather ropes. Many flower pendants hang on the rope. At each end, there is a magnet which is used to lock the bracelet. It is good for healthy. A chain links both ends. Leather...Read More
    • Opal Stone Bracelet
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      Opal Stone Bracelet

      31927 This Opal Stone Bracelet is a popular design opal pendant bracelet. You can see there is a calabash shape pendant made with 2 pieces white opals hanging on the chain. 2 red ropes is very striking. This opal bracelet is good for girls. The size is 17+3cm.Read More
    • Pearl Bead Necklace
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      Pearl Bead Necklace

      180219 This Pearl Bead Necklace is one of our best sale white pearl bracelets. It is made from freshwater pearls. In the middle is a four leaves clover full with crystals. A pearl pendant is under the clover. A bungee cord goes through them and lets them stand one by one. You...Read More
    • Zircon Bracelet Hand Chain
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      Zircon Bracelet Hand Chain

      31406 This Zircon Bracelet Hand Chain is one of our colorful zircon bracelets, made with square and oval shape zircons in different colors, red, purple green and pink. They stand in 2 rows. Metal part is copper alloy with real gold plated, never fade. Whole bracelet length...Read More
    • Crystal Bead Bracelet
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      Crystal Bead Bracelet

      31098 This Crystal Bead Bracelet is a very popular design crystal bracelet. It is made from crystals in different colors, red or purple. There is a heart shape pendant under the chain. Many round shape crystals are inlaid one the chain, and the lock is a lobster clasp. The...Read More
    • Zinc Alloy Hand Chain Bracelet
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      Zinc Alloy Hand Chain Bracelet

      31819 This Zinc Alloy Hand Chain Bracelet is one of our zinc alloy bracelets, with simple design of double letter D shape. In the middle is a white pearl. The lock is a unique style. It uses the elasticity of the metal to lock. In the end of the circle, there is a hook. You...Read More
    • Real Gold Plated Bracelets
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      Real Gold Plated Bracelets

      180211 This is a new design fashion real gold plated bracelet bangle jewelry. The outer surface is full with small crystal. We use double lock to make sure it will not be open when you wear it. Gold plated surface lets the bracelet dazzling enough.Read More
    • 925 Silver Bracelet
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      925 Silver Bracelet

      691574 This is sterling silver bracelet, made from 925 sterling silver, platinum plated. The silver box chain through 8 silver balls let them stay together. This thin silver bracelet size is 21+3cm, you can wear it as bracelet or ankle.Read More
    • Stainless Steel Bracelet Bangle
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      Stainless Steel Bracelet Bangle

      1883088 This is a stainless steel bracelet for both men and women. Perfect radian and mellow beads stand together. A leather chain runs through the beads, you can adjust the length by yourself. A logo EST 1981 is engraved on the front of the plate. All of the people can wear it.Read More
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